PROLOGUE to a Dream

PROLOGUE to a Dream - by Doug Ingold

PROLOGUE to a Dream is a completed historical novel set in 16 th century Germany. The
wordcount is 133,000. In the introduction, I reveal that the novel was inspired by a vivid dream
experience my wife had of being a young woman falsely accused of witchcraft who is burned at
the stake while her father, her brother and her husband do nothing to protect her. Could this have actually happened? I asked myself. Could I have been one of the men who failed to help her?
Below is a brief description of the novel that resulted.

In 1570 Elsebett is born to Basil and Arved Helgen. The Helgens are an extended peasant family, respected in their village as skilled and resourceful farmers. With their wives, their widowed mother and their children, the three brothers build a stable if difficult life growing rye, barley and swine. At the age of eight Elsebett becomes a student of the mysterious Rachel Mueller, a midwife and herbal healer. When the weather grows erratic and harvests begin to fail; a scapegoat is sought. Jews are banished from the territory as are the followers of Luther and Calvin. The Archbishop then discovers a pestilence of witches: people believed to have forsaken God and sworn allegiance to the Devil. Most, it seems, are women. Elsebett is twenty when the prosecutors arrive in her village.

The book consists of eight sections: Arved, Elsebett, Rachel, Agnes, Marsel, Sterility, Contagion and Agnus Dei.

I am presently seeking an agent to represent this book. Please email me if you want to see a sample of the text or a full synopsis.

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