THERE CAME A CONTAGION is a literary-historical novel about a family of sixteenth-century peasant famers who gets caught up in the witch trials sweeping across Germany. Told mostly from the perspective of women, it is inspired by events that took place near Trier, Germany late in the sixteenth century where more than 300 people were convicted of witchcraft and burned to death. It will appear in 2021.

Stephen Fox, the author of THE DINERS, and other novels and historical works, wrote as follows:

“Doug Ingold’s novels are masterpieces of time, place and sensibility. There can be no better example of this from Ingold’s busy pen than ‘There Came a Contagion.’

The saga of the Helgen family, their friends, relatives and village, their joys and sorrows, is written with the intimacy of someone who you could easily imagine as having lived in 16th century rural Germany. It is a rich, deeply felt immersion.”


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