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1. Tim and his Environment. When Tim Holter returns home for lunch at the end of chapter Eleven we learn that the house on Spruce Street that his parents rent from Mr. Elliott is the only home he has ever known. We have no knowledge that he has ever traveled far from this house but as Thoreau famously said about his own journeys-that he had traveled a “good deal in Concord”-we can say as well that Tim has traveled “a … Continue reading

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In this coming of age novel thirteen year-old Tim Holter tells you about his day. In his small Midwestern town a bartender has killed himself. A boy’s new bicycle has been trashed and the boy’s big brother intends to find out who did it. Before noon Mrs. Plummer will stand stark naked in Matsen’s Bakery and Tim will meet a pretty classmate under less than ideal circumstances. After lunch Mr. Schwartzentraub will introduce Tim and his friends to a mysterious … Continue reading

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