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Short and Shorter is a collection of short stories I have written over the past fifty years and is available as a trade paperback and as an eBook. The book contains ten stories of varying lengths plus six examples of very short “flash” fiction. The stories are not connected so the reader is free to select and enjoy them in any order. I have donated a copy to the Humboldt County Library. Any bookstore can order the book through Ingram, … Continue reading

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Our former President is again stirring up his followers. He accuses those “racists” investigating him of being on a witch hunt.    I did considerable research about witch hunts as I was writing my novel THERE CAME A CONTAGION. The “contagion” in the title refers to an eruption of mass hysteria that resulted in more than three hundred people being hunted down and murdered as witches in the Territory of Trier in the 1580s and 90s.       It … Continue reading

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Some people have asked me about the process of creating an audiobook. While I have helped to shepherd more than fifteen books from manuscript into print, THERE CAME A CONTAGION is my first attempt to create an audiobook. What follows is a brief description of what this newbie has learned so far. In the US, the elephant in audiobooks is Audible. Not surprisingly, Audible is owned by Amazon. You can create and sell audiobooks without Audible and apparently you can … Continue reading

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